IN HIS PRESENCE - Honor GOD with your LIFE

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the hurts, stressors, and struggles of life? Do you long for peace, love, happiness, and success?

Then take comfort in this: God has not forgotten you. He is not just on his throne judging the world, but navigating you through your life. He is not only living in heaven, but he is everywhere when you call upon him. God wants to be your best friend. Will you let him?

Join Author Susanne Weegmann on an uplifting journey so that you can experience true love, tap into your heavenly inheritance, and see God move circumstances in your life.

As you walk chapter by chapter of IN HIS PRESENCE during your prayer time, it will be your Straight Street, your turning point for good on your journey with God. As you learn to acknowledge the value and power of partnering with GOD in prayer and walk through 12 chapters of encouragement and biblical truth, He will open up your understanding of his character, his will, his love, his ways, and his plans for you and your destiny.

You will build a lifetime friendship with your heavenly father that will increase both your joy and love in him and your spiritual maturity.

You did not land on this page by accident. You are here because God is actively pursuing a deeper relationship with you.

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